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Canadian Notary Services in China

We offer Canadian Notary Services inside of China so that you do not
need to visit Canada to notarize, legalize and authenticate your property
closing and mortgage documents, government forms, statutory declarations,
court documents, non-criminal record certificates and other important documents.

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Why Engage Us?

We provide Canadian notary services in China so that you do not need to travel to Canada to notarize your documents. For example, if you are purchasing a home in Canada, you will need to locate a Canadian Notary Public to confirm your identity and authenticate your property purchase and sale agreements, banking and other documents related to your purchase and y0u can do all of this from our offices in China. We provide a full range of notary services including the notarization of Canadian property closing documents, bank mortgage applications, Canadian government documents, certified true copies of passports, driver’s licenses and other identification documents, power of attorney forms, statutory declarations and many other documents. We also assist with applications for Canadian Permanent Residence Cards and Canadian Passports, fingerprinting and obtaining Canadian and Chinese non-criminal record certificates, legalization and authentication of documents, English and Chinese translations and a range of other legal services.

Notarization Services

Our notary public professionals are legally authorized by the Canadian government to administer oaths, witness the signing of documents, and deter fraud by verifying the identity of a person who signs a document. Our clients who are purchasing or selling properties, applying for mortgages, undergoing legal procedures, applying for residence or need to submit government forms in Canada often rely on our fast and efficient China-based notarization services.

Authentication and Legalization

The Chinese government often requires the certification of Canadian documents that have already been notarized. This process means one or more additional certificates are added, which confirms the validity of the notary’s commission for use overseas. We commonly assist our clients with the Canadian authentication and the Chinese legalization of documents that will be used in China.

Translations and Fingerprinting

The Canadian and Chinese governments often require the translation of documents prior to or after notarization, authentication and legalization. We hold an official TAC Chinese translation license and commonly translate English and Chinese Documents. We also provide fingerprinting at our offices which is commonly required for the application of criminal record check certificates.

China Based Services

Our head office is located in the heart of Shanghai, and our established and qualified notaries provide services throughout Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We are also available to meet with you in other cities across China upon request. 

For further details and to schedule an appointment, please call us at +86 177 0178 7978. We use both English and Chinese languages.

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Short notice, last minute and emergency notarizations welcome.
We are here when you need us for any type of document notarization, legalization or authentication.

Property Purchase & Sale and Mortgages in Canada and China

Meet with our Canadian lawyer and Notary Public in China to complete and notarize your property purchase and sale and mortgage documents instead of traveling to Canada to complete these transactions...

Certified Copies of Passports & IDs

A certified copy may be required for official government or court purposes and for commercial purposes. It avoids the owner of important documents (especially identity documents) giving up possession ...

Canadian Government Forms

We assist with notarizing official Canadian government forms which are required for a variety of different situations. Whether you signing a common law declaration form, providing consent for your child to travel abroad, an industry specific application such as…

Foreign Work Permits in China

We commonly assist with applications to apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit cards and Chinese Residence Permits including the process of applying for a criminal background check in Canada. Please contact us for further information on the application procedures...

Canadian Permanent Residence

Our Canadian lawyers based in China and Canada specialize in assisting with applications to immigrate to Canada. We provide services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Immigration issues, processes and requirements for immigration in Canada can get very complex and involve many other aspects of laws...

Canada and China Criminal Records

Whether you are applying for permanent residency in Canada or China, another type of work permit or immigration visa, a non-criminal record check that is issued by a public security bureau in China, the Canadian police and all other countries you have resided in is commonly required…

Family Documents

We notarize and draft family law documents such as prenuptial agreements, wills, separation agreements, etc. for Canadian and Chinese families who are living in China. We commonly assist Chinese and Canadian clients who were married in Canada and are living in China with processing a divorce and ...

Business and Court Documents

We commonly notarize contracts, corporate documents, employment documents, financial documents, corporate documents used to establish a company in Japan or offshore, affidavits, pleadings and other court documents, acknowledgments, authorizations, jurats, oaths…

China Permanent Residence Permits

There are various ways a Non-Chinese national can apply for permanent resident status in China. We assist by explaining the application procedures and requirements to obtain a Chinese Permanent Residence Card and by helping you obtain a non-criminal record certificate…

“Our notaries take the effort, stress, and guesswork out of the notary process”

2 / 22 / 2021

"The notary we met with was very professional. He came to me last minute on a Sunday and notarized documents for me and my wife. Being able to communicate using both English and Chinese was very helpful. I will definitely be referring my family and friends."

James Li
Shanghai, China
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Our head office is in Shanghai and we provide notary services in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other major cities throughout China.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Notarization?

Notarization is the process whereby a Notary certifies a document. Usually this is done by attaching a notarial certificate to the document. The notarial certificate contains statements of fact or law in relation to the document being certified.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, although we are sometimes able to accommodate walk in clients it is preferable to book an appointment in advance in order to ensure a Notary will be available to see you. This also allows us to ensure we have all necessary documents in advance and that the appointment is as brief as possible for you.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on the document being certified and exactly what the notary is required to do. Our notaries will be happy to discuss this with you prior to your appointment (please note it will often be necessary to see the document in advance in order to provide an accurate fee estimate).

Top Questions

What is a signing agent?

A  signing agent is a public notary who is expert in loan closing documents. A lender, title company, or escrow service may hire a signing agent to handle getting documents delivered, signed, or processed efficiently and on time.

Why do I need to bring proof of identity and proof of address?

One of the Notary’s fundamental duties is to properly identify his or her client. This requirement is laid down by our practice rules and legislation.

What documents do you notarize?

We offer a full range of Notarial Services including the notarization of Canadian property closing documents, bank mortgage applications, Canadian government documents, certified true copies of passports, driver’s licenses and other identification documents, power of attorney forms, statutory declarations and many other documents.

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