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When do I need notary?

A notary is required to independently witness and authenticate legal documents and transactions, in particular when a document such as property sales or purchase documents, mortgage applications, government forms, statutory declarations, etc. are signed in China and need to be submitted to authorities overseas in Canada.

Notary Services

Notarization confirms the authenticity of signed documents, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the requirements in the relevant jurisdiction.
The certification by a notary can also be needed to confirm the authenticity of copied documents, such as passports or utility bills.


Drafting Services

As well as notarizing and certifying existing documents, we can prepare documents for you from scratch, including powers of attorney, company resolutions, statutory declarations, custody agreements, separation agreements and much more.


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For a Notary Public to notarize your signature, you must sign it in the physical presence of the Notary.

Documents We Notarize

Mortgage Documents

Powers of Attorney


Application Forms

Property Sales

Written Statements

Statutory Declarations

Certificates of Law

Property Purchases

Copy Passports

Adoption Documents

Company Documents

Powers of Attorney


Statutory Declarations

Good Standing Certificates

Certificates of Incorporation

Property Sales

Trademark Assignments

Application Forms

Share Pledges

Property Purchases

Loan Agreements

Bills of Sale

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