Notarizing Canadian Documents in China


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We Notarize Canadian Government Forms

We notarize official Canadian government forms which are required for a variety of different situations

Whether you are submitting documents to a registrar of land titles such as a freehold land transfer form, affidavit of attestation or dower release form, making a declaration that you are a common-law couple (or making a deceleration of severance), providing a Personal Information Form to the Canadian Securities Exchange, applying to change your legal name, providing consent for your child to travel abroad, appointing a custodian to take care of your child in Canada or completing an industry specific application such as providing a certified Identity Confirmation Form for the Medical Council of Canada, we can assist by reviewing and notarizing your government forms.

Government forms that we typically notarize include but are not limited to:

Our Canadian notaries commonly notarize Canadian government forms including but not limited to the following:
• Affidavit (Generic)
• Affidavit of Personal Service
• Canadian Securities Exchange – Listing Summary Personal Information Form
• Affidavit Interpreter Supreme Court Family Forms
• Certificate of Extra Jurisdictional Solicitor
• Certified Identity Confirmation Form for the Medical Council of Canada
• Custodianship Declaration for Minors Studying in Canada
• Dower Release and Affidavit in Support
• Imm5744e Consent for Access to Information and Personal Information Request
• Imm1295e work permit out of Canada
• Imm5409e Statutory Declaration of Common Law
• imm5519e Statutory Declaration of Severance of Common-Law Union
• Imm5604e Declaration from Non-Accompanying Parent
• Living Arrangement Documentation for International Students
• Custodian Expectations Form
• Recommended Consent Letter for Children Traveling Abroad

Our Procedure

  1. Our lawyer and notary public will schedule an appointment to meet with you to view your passport and identity cards and verify your identity.
  2. We will review your documents to help ensure that you have inserted the relevant information that is required.
  3. Our lawyer and notary will complete the notarization process.
  4. We can assist with sending your document to Canada by courier or otherwise the original notarized document will be completed by the end of our meeting for your use.

The process generally takes 10-15 minutes.

Contact us now to book an appointment!

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Short notice, last minute and emergency notarizations welcome!