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When a Canadian document is to be used in China or another foreign country, it may be necessary to have it authenticated by the Canadian government and legalized by a Chinese Consulate or Embassy in Canada. This process is necessary for countries that are not members of the Hague/Apostille Convention. Documents are typically legalized by the Consulate or Embassy of the country where your document will be submitted (e.g. China). Legalization consists of a series of authentications starting with the notarization of your document(s) and ending with the Embassy or Consulate’s validation of your document(s).


When is Legalisation Required?

If you are unsure about whether or not you need any documents legalized, whether or not you will require an apostille, or for a consultation or a quote, get in touch with us by email at, or give us a call +86 177 0178 7978.

It’s a good idea to send us a copy of any documents you need legalised along with your enquiry so we can give you an accurate quote.

Legalization Faq

What you need to know about Legalization Process

Which Documents Require Legalization?

Some common examples of documents submitted for authentication and legalization are:

• Documentation proving the same person if a former passport is the same person in your current passport

• Power of Attorney to appoint someone in China to sell your Chinese property

• Documents to initiate litigation in China

• Power of Attorneys

• Articles of Incorporation

• Corporate Documents

• Divorce Records

• Passport Copies

• Name Change Forms

How do I begin?

The process is easy.  First we meet to complete the notarization of your documents. Then, once all your documents are ready to be authenticated, we will manage the process and your completed paperwork will be sent to you directly.

Apostille vs. Legalization

Legalization is the official process of document authentication granted by international governments. Presently, more than 200 countries accept foreign documents certified by apostille. However, there are certain restrictions regarding its acceptance. Some countries still reserve the right to deny the acceptance of apostillized documents, issued by other countries, which are also parties to the Convention. In cases such as this, and in case the documents are intended to be presented in a country, which is not a party of the Apostille Convention, a multistep embassy or consular legalization of documents is required to be done by a foreign authorities in order to be recognized. Canadian documents that will be submitted in China must undergo the authentication and legalization process instead of being certified by apostille.

Our Process

How to Order

Step 1:

Organize your information and book an appointment

Contact us at +86 177 0178 7978 and we will schedule a time for a meeting with our Canadian Notary Public and let you know which kind of documentation is required or help draft your documents.

Step 2:

Send us your documents

Send us your documents and we will review and your documents and make revisions prior to our meeting. We will print your documents prior to our meeting.

Step 3:

Attend a meeting with our Canadian Notary Public

During your meeting, our Canadian Notary Public will require you to present your passport, Chinese ID or another photo ID. Afterwards, you will need to verify that you understand the contents of the document(s) you are signing prior to signing documents in front of our notary. Afterwards, our notary will sign and notarize your documents. Following that, we will complete the authentication and legalization process and courier the finalize documents to you.

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