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Canada and China Criminal Record Checks

Apply for a Non-Criminal Record Certificate from Canada and/or China

Whether you are applying for permanent residency in Canada or China, another type of work permit or immigration visa, a position of employment with a government bureau or a specific designation such as applying to become a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, a non-criminal record check that is issued by a public security bureau in China, the Canadian police and all other countries you have resided in is commonly required.

Non-Criminal Record Certificate from Canada

Non-Criminal Record Certificate From China

Obtaining a Non-Criminal Record Certificate from Canada

The use of fingerprints is the most accurate way to confirm a person’s identity. Canadian police departments conduct criminal record searches by submitting your fingerprints into Canada’s National Repository of Criminal Records to determine if you have been charged or convicted of a crime in Canada. If not, after this search is conducted, a certificate will be issued listing that the applicant does not have a criminal record in Canada and the fingerprints submitted to process the application will be destroyed.

For applicants who require a Canadian non-criminal record certificate when applying for a foreign work permit to work in China, this non-criminal record document must be certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate.

We assist by helping you obtain a non-criminal record certificate from the Canadian police
Our Process
  1. Our Canadian lawyer and notary will meet with the applicant to verify the applicant’s identity and provide a certified true copy of the applicant’s passport. This is a copy of the applicant’s passport which has been verified and notarized by our notary public.
  2. At the same meeting we will take your fingerprints.
  3. We will order your non-criminal record certificate from the Canadian police
  4. Your non-criminal record certificate will be authenticated by Global Affairs in Ottawa and then legalized by a PRC embassy or consulate in Canada.
  5. We will deliver your authenticated and legalized non-criminal record certificate to you in China.

The process normally takes three weeks on average.

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Obtaining a People’s Republic of China Non-Criminal Record Certificate

In Order to Apply for a Non-Criminal Record Check Certificate from Public Security Bureau in China, the following documents are required:

  1. Copies of your Passport (old and new), Chinese Residence Permits (old and new), entry and exit stamps to China in your passports
  2. Registration of temporary residence (form given by the police station nearest to where you lived in China)
  3. Copies of your Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Work Permit (i.e. your work visa) and work contract with your former employer with official stamp (if you worked in China) or business visas
  4. Signed application form for non-criminal record check (we will provide this)
  5. Signed letter of authority giving us a power of attorney to order your Non-Criminal Record Certificate (we will provide this)

Above is the typical requirement but different cities and districts will require a slightly different set of documentation and procedures. After we know where you formerly (or currently) resided in China, we can provide the final list of documentation that would need to be provided and a fees quote. The process normally takes one to two weeks on average but varies depending on which city the applicant resided when living in China.

Please contact us for further information and to schedule an appointment