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Foreign Work Permits in China

Applications for Work Permits in China

We commonly assist expatriate executives and individuals who are employed in China with submitting applications to apply for Foreigner’s Work Permit cards and Chinese Residence Permits (formally named a Residence Permit for Foreigner in the People’s Republic of China). New regulations require foreigner’s work permit applicants to obtain a non-criminal record check certificate from their home country prior to applying for a Foreigner’s Work Permit Card. Applicants must provide legalized copies of education certificates as well.

We Provide the Following Services:

• Preparing applications for a Foreign Work Permit Card
• Preparing applications for Chinese Residence Permits
• Assisting applicants with obtaining a non-criminal record certificate (including fingerprinting services and the notarization of documents required to order a criminal record check)
• Assisting applicants with the legalization of university degrees and other vocational certificates.

Overview of the Procedures

Chinese Work Permit: It will take approximately 20-30 working days to apply for and receive a People’s Republic of China work visa, which is officially named as a Foreign Work Permit (FWP), so we recommend for our clients to prepare applications for their Chinese FWPs and Chinese Residence Permits at least 60 days prior to the expiration of the travel document (e.g. business visa, travel visa, family visa, etc.) used to enter into China.

Chinese Residence Permit: FWPs are used to apply for a PRC Residence Permit which will be inserted into the applicant’s passport. It will take approximately 8 working days to apply for and receive a PRC Residence Permit after an applicant has received his or her FWP.

Chinese Foreign Work Permit Card (FWP)

Chinese Residence Permit for a Foreigner

Eligibility for a Foreigner’s Work Permit

Prior to working in China, the Entry-Exit Administration Law of China requires non-Chinese nationals to apply for a Foreigner’s Work Permit and a Residence Permit for a Foreigner in the People’s Republic of China.

Minimal Requirements:

Employers in China must: be legally established and in good standing with all governmental departments and the public security bureau and comply with all PRC laws and regulations, pay no less than local minimal wages standards and obtain the approvals from relevant local administration departments to hire foreigners.

Employees must: comply with all PRC laws and regulations, be at least 18 years old, have no criminal record, have a specified employer who will supply information during the application process for a foreigner’s permit, have the requisite skills and work experience to fill the employer’s vacancy, present a valid passport and travel document to enter into China to finalize the application process for a foreigner’s work permit.

The Points System

New regulations divide applicants for Foreigner’s Work Permits into three categories: Class A (over 85 points), Class B (over 60 points) Class C (at least 60 points). Points are accumulated in various ways such as:

• Standards for professional achievement have been met which are recognized internationally

• Level of annual salary the employee will be paid

• Level of education evidenced by a university degree

• Years of prior relevant work experience

• Mandarin language skills

• Work location (higher points for employees who work in special areas such as areas designated by the national poverty council)

• Applicants have special talents which the local economy requires

Please contact us for a more detailed explanation of the points system. We can assist with helping you estimate how many points you may be able to obtain.

Step 1: An employer that is already eligible to hire foreign employees creates an account for its potential employee with the relevant labor bureau and submits information regarding the employee’s experience. The bureau determines if the employee is eligible to apply for a foreigner’s work permit.

Step 2: If the applicant is eligible, an application must submit to apply for a FWP Card. The following is typically required:

  1. Application Form for a Foreigner’s Work Permit
  2. Work experience proof (introduction or reference letter from previous employer/employers)
  3. Legalized copy of a university degree
  4. Non-criminal record certificate (authenticated in Canada and legalized by a Chinese embassy in Canada – valid only for 6 months)
  5. Health test report (this can be done at a test center in If the applicant applies from outside of China, a commitment letter of physical examination can be accepted, and the applicant can then complete a health test after entering into China)
  6. Signed employment contract
  7. Passport sized photo
  8. Passport or valid PRC residence permit

The above are typical requirements but the applicant may be required to provide additional supplementary information. Applicants who are approved after paper submission will be issued a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice.

For applicants who are not already inside of China – Apply for a Z or R visa to enter into China at a Chinese embassy or consulate in Canada (or another country outside of Canada) or a business that is qualified to process Z or R visa applications.

Applicants who are approved should pick up their Foreigner’s Work Permit card at the designated location by the relevant labor bureau. Applicants must apply for a Chinese Residence Permit for a Foreigner within 7 days of the issuance of their Foreigner’s Work Permit.

Applicants use their Foreigner’s Work Permit to apply for a Residence Permit at the relevant Exit and Entry Administration Bureau. The application procedure for Residence Permit for a Foreigner typically involves the following:

  1. Foreigner’s Work Permit Card
  2. Copy of Foreigner’s Work Permit Card
  3. Application form
  4. A photo take in person at the relevant Exit and Entry Administration Bureau
  5. introduction letter from the employer to apply for a residence permit for the employee affixed with the employers company stamp
  6. Police Registration Form of Residence

This residence permit is affixed into one page of the applicant’s passport if the application is approved by the relevant Exit and Entry Administration Bureau.


We assist applicants with completing all stages of applications for Foreign Work Permit Cards and Chinese Residence Permits and are always available to answer questions to help make the application process efficient.